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Conflict Can Be Character Building Essay

  • Submitted by: Tcroft
  • on November 4, 2014
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Conflict can be character building. (Speech)

The reason I’m the person I am today is because of the fact that I never want to see something handled the way I   witnessed it happen again, it was scary … I was frightened… I didn’t think it could get so out of hand but yet I’m not the only child to feel this way this prompt is like a tree with a lot of branches meaning it can relate to all different types of conflicts: personal, family member and or even the government.

But my conflict is nothing compared to what Malala and Marjane live with, war evolved around them,   they are only children how are they expected to understand what is happening, why it’s   happening and who ‘stirred the pot’? Malala is a girl that stood up for her right to have an education and Marjane was the girl that wrote about her culture and how it unfolded these girls had little or none respect , in Malala’s case the soldiers and for Marjane from the very religious men and women.   They felt as if they were out casts, someone that doesn’t belong in ‘this world’.

Marjane wrote the book Persepolis and takes you through every detail of what was happening with herself, her friends, her family, and the government. Marjane did have her ups and downs and even hit rock bottom but she also proved everyone wrong, for this made Marjane a stronger person (being able to stop taking drug and moving away from home).

Malala also has a book and that’s called “I am Malala” in her book she writes about how the Taliban took control over Swat Valley which is in Pakistan at that point they stop the females going to school to get an education Malala didn’t agree with this and took a stand, unfortunately a Taliban soldier decided to shoot her in the head at point blank range Malala also said in her book that “I come from a country which was created at midnight. When I almost died it was midday”.

As these girls have grown into young ladies and had to adjust their attitudes towards their views of the...

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