Conflict Analysis Of Scene From &Quot;The Wedding Crashers&Quot;

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Nature of the Conflict/Orientation to the Conflict The performance in scene 11 of The Wedding Crashers movie between Vince Vaughn (Jeremy) and Owen Wilson (John) is a complex and fascinating interaction. It takes place between John and Jeremy in the kitchen of the Cleary mansion the morning after Jeremy got tied up in his bed, raped, and molested by Gloria and Todd. There are a variety of concepts and themes that are important to the analysis of this conflict, such as power and response styles; however, it is overtly apparent that the concept of interests and goals is the most significant theme here. A positive approach towards conflict can be seen in both John and Jeremy. They are both mediators by profession so being able to talk things out and compromise is a huge part of their career and their lives. They exhibit a positive approach towards conflict because they consider the advantages and functions to conflict. The first scene of the movie, a mediation amongst divorcees, illustrates beautifully how they perceive conflict as positive. They know conflict is inevitable so the constructive way to approach conflict is as “a fact of life.” They believe conflict serves as the function of “bringing problems to the table.” They help people join together and clarify their goals. They help clear out resentments and help people understand each other. Their job makes it easier for them to resolve conflict on a personal level since they resolve other people’s conflicts on an everyday basis. Their conflict emulates all of the preceding functions. Even though John and Jeremy are best friends, they still experience conflict with each other but they used this conflict to get their problems out in the open. They came together at the end by making their goals clear to each other which, in turn helped clear out their resentments and helped them appreciate where the
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