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In any essay on conflict, there are several approaches to be taken. They center on the different types of conflict. You could analyze the notion of conflict between individuals, where a person or group of people hold fundamentally incompatible beliefs. Another approach could be to center on the notion of internal conflict, or battles that rage within a particular person. A conflict that pits an individual against an entire group could be another venue in which conflict can be analyzed and discussed. Finally, conflict between an individual and the state of nature could yield much in the way of analyzing how individuals analyze the nature of conflict and their role within it. Conflict arises from two different belief systems. The newspaper and media report on national and international conflicts between religious groups (Jews and Protestants), political parties (Democrats, Republicans), bordering nations (Middle East) and even within scientific theories (evolution or creation). When more than one explanation, belief, orientation, or opinion exists, conflict can occur. Some people are anti-abortion and others are pro-choice. Some believe in same sex marriage and others believe in marriage between any two consenting adults. Every voting situation represents the conflict between the people who approve of one person or idea and those who oppose the same person or idea while major conflicts such as war have destroyed many lives and been evil forces in this world, conflict can also produce very positive results. It is a fact that history confirms that no great achievements in individual lives and with societies occur without some struggle. For, only a dull complacency exists in people who have no conflict. LeGuin's short story, "The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas" explores this very idea; in this story of a utopia of sorts, all the people but one are happy; they

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