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SECTION B TASK 1 Find a real world example of an individual who has found themselves subject to censorship. D.H Lawrence, author of the novel ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, found himself subject to censorship after the erotic nature of his novel was deemed inappropriate in many countries. The book was banned in several countries, and eventually a censored version of the novel was published in the United States. Modernisation and tradition are in conflict in Iran. Research a real-world conflict that highlights these ideas. Are they always incompatible? A real-world conflict that highlights these ideas has occurred in Australian history, with the settling of the white people at conflict with the indigenous Australians, who wished to live their normal simple life. Most times, they are incompatible however there are examples where they can peacefully coexist. SECTION B TASK 2 Nader, Hojjat, Simin, Razieh, Termeh, Somayeh, Miss Ghahraii, Nader’s father, Simin’s mother? Azam? SECTION C TASK 2 Research a real-world example of conflict that connects to an idea that is evident in this chapter. e.g. disempowerment, oppression, class conflict, traditionalism vs. modernity. Summarise the real-world example – e.g. who, what, when, where, how and why? Consider the cause, type and outcome of the conflict. Explain how it links to ideas in ‘A Separation’. A real-world example of class conflict was the United Kingdom miners’ strike which occurred from 1984-1985. After many jobs were cut, and intentions to close 20 mines were revealed, the National Union of Mineworkers began to strike, and eventually this ended in 1985 when the NUM voted to return to work. It links to the class conflict in ‘A Separation’, where Razieh is forced to work for less money than she thinks is deserved, because there is nothing she can do to get more money as she is of a lower class than Nader.

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