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Evaluate the success of your performance (Conflict) The piece was a devised thematic based on conflict. It had an episodic structure and was a serious drama with a naturalistic style. There were different sketches in it, one was a comedy based on teenage problems and jealousy and another was much more serious where a girl was driven into an overdose using her friend’s drugs because of her parents fighting. My part in the devised thematic piece was an extension of the piece before mine. The sketch ended in a tableaux vivant and I walked up to one of the characters “Brittany” and took on the role of her inner thoughts. I had a monologue that talked of Brittany’s feelings about realizing that because of her, her best friend was now in hospital. Brittany had given this friend some “tablets to help her sleep” but they were really a few of the drugs Brittany had bought because of her addiction. Brittany knew that she had to give up drugs and although she said to everyone that she could give up whenever she wanted, she knew that she was trapped and was now addicted to drugs. After the monologue I sang a song about inner conflict, called without you from the musical “Rent”. Even though the character herself seemed to be strong I felt as thought it was just a front and that inside she was a fragile and worried for her friend so I tried to show this by hunching my shoulders and wrapping my arms around myself. When speaking I tried to speak softly but still project my voice I think I didn’t really achieve this and I think maybe a few words were lost. when I sang I made my voice brake once or twice to give it a broken effect I think this worked but would have been more effective if I had shown the inner battle she was having better. I didn’t move around a lot but I wasn’t routed to the spot I think if I would have walked a bit more around the stage I would have distracted

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