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DISAGREEMENT ALWAYS LEADS TO CONFLICT: Disagreements can always lead to a conflict, for a disagreement to occur in the first place there can be many reasons such as religion, race, values, ideas, morals or rights. People love voicing their opinion and saying what they truly believe, which then causes individuals to differ and argue and leading into a big conflict. It is known that the fight for what’s best for a land is bought up in many arguments, and the ones with the most power or authority usually think that they are right. This sort of dispute is then not just between the government or high authorities but the whole community is also bought in to have a say. This is evidently shown in 1945 when the division of North and South Korea began, but still been put under the supervision of the occupying Soviet forces and slowly leading the two parts of Korea into a war for what sort of country it should become. North Korea and South Korea disagreed about weather Korea should have a communist or non-communist government. North Korea was fully supporting for the country to have a communist government along with the backing of the soviets, but South Korea had supported a democratic system with the American support. Because of the huge war and different opinions between the two parts of Korea after 3 years of being in the soviets forces, in 1948 they were forced to break into two parts as established and independent countries with different governments such as North Korea as a communist, and South Korea as an

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