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Conflict is a fundamental social trait. According to Gumplowicz, the development of society has been marked by a ceaseless struggle. Karl Marx has explained this struggle as class struggle. George simmel has maintained that a conflict-free harmonious group is practically impossibility. Society requires for its formation and growth harmony and disharmony, association and disso­ciation. Conflict may have positive as well as negative results. The negative and the positive effects of conflict may be briefly examined here. Negative Effects of Conflict: Conflict has its own negative effects. Conflict is the most vigorous form of social interaction and evokes the deepest passions and strongest emotions. It disrupts social unity. It is a costly way of settling disputes. The results of intergroup conflict are largely negative in that such a struggle lowers the morale and weakens the solidarity of the group. Conflict causes social disorder, chaos and confusion. War as a form of conflict may destroy the lives and properties of countless individuals. It may bring incalculable damage and immeasur­able suffering to a number of people. Human history is monumental evidence in this regard. The modern mode of warfare which can destroy millions of people and vast amount of properties within a few minutes has brought new fears and anxieties for the mankind. Conflict does a lot of psychological and moral damage also. It spoils the mental peace of man. Conflicts may even make the people to become inhuman. Lovers of conflict have scant respect for human and moral values. Conflicts between the labour and the management have resulted in mate­rial losses. Due to the labour strikes productivity decreases and men and machines become idle. Positive Effects of Conflict: It is wrong to assume that conflict has only the negative side and does always disservices. Thinkers

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