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Conflict Good morning/afternoon Mrs McNeil and class. Today I will be doing an oral presentation on conflict and whether or not it provides an opportunity to change and grow. Most of us don't like conflict. We usually find it uncomfortable, stressful and even destructive. So we tend to avoid conflict whenever possible. Yet I believe that conflict is not just inescapable but also unavoidable – and is a uniquely valuable component of our personal and organizational lives. Without it, we lose our ability to hear new ideas and work together toward creative solutions. There are three things to think about conflict: * The problem is not the problem. * You are the source of most conflict you experience. * Without conflict, no change or growth ever occurs. So I bring the question to you. Does conflict offer the chance to change and grow? I believe, conflict is necessary for individual and organisational development; we must learn how to use it effectively instead of avoiding it. There are many ways to turn destructive conflict into a constructive experience for change and growth. Should we be thankful for conflict? How does that make any sense? We're usually thankful for all that is good about our lives. Conflict isn't on that list. Instead, we think of conflict as a thing to be avoided or managed or worked through as quickly as possible. Yet I suggest that conflict is also something to be thankful for. First and foremost, conflict strengthens us. We think we know who we are and what we stand for. Then conflict comes along and tests those boundaries. It shows us that others see things differently. It gives us a chance to re-evaluate our sense of self, our sense of others and our sense of particular situations as we compare our perspective and that of others. This testing results in our boundaries being changed or strengthened, building our

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