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Conflict Pseudo conflict is a misunderstanding of something you may assume or perceive there to be a conflict but there is none. Pseudo conflict happens when a person misses out on what the communicator is trying to say. An example would be two people who agree on a topic but don’t realize there’re interpreting one another message as to their own. This is not a real conflict but when you assume something or don’t fully understand the message this can be known as pseudo conflict. Fact conflicts are when two people disagree about information that can be easily verified (Cheesebro, O' Connor, & Rios, (2010). Fact conflicts can be proven or verified through statistics or reliable sources. An example would be two people who’s buying a used car the husband thinks it’s nothing wrong with buying a used car but the wife says anything can be wrong with this car because it’s used and used cars never last long. When buying used car you have the options of asking for a car fax which has listed everything about the car such as accidents, previous owners and so on and then they can decide if they still want to purchase the car after viewing this information. Ego conflict can be personal if it’s based on intimate issues when a person has a big ego they tend to believe they are always right no matter what. When two people are at disagreement about something the person with the bigger ego don’t want to recognize they are wrong because they feel a need to have the higher power over everything. I believe ego conflicts are one of the hardest to resolve because a person emotions can get involved. Values conflicts are what matters the most to someone people use this to give meaning to something they believe is right or wrong. I have a friend who parents raise them in church and believes strongly in values, my friend is in a relationship with a man who believes in god but not the same

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