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Conflict Every time we listen to the news from radio or television, we often hear that conflicts are happening somewhere. What do the word conflicts mean? The dictionary says, “Conflict is incompatibility or interference, as of one idea, desire, event, or activity with another,” and in political terms conflicts can refer to wars, revolutions or other struggles, which may involve the use of force as in the term armed conflict. However, conflicts mean a clash of opposing ideals, interests, or disagreement between two groups of people or individuals; people who are involved in conflict are always getting stress and tension; their relationship will be more or less adversarial. Conflicts are similar to wars, fights, or arguments. When people fight each other, their faces will turn red, and they will lose their control. Both sides try to get win; thus, they forget everything and try to beat each other. At that time, we can hear people talk louder and keep talking even when the other speaks at the same time. Sometimes they can’t get what they want, but they won’t stop fight each other. As a result, we say those people who are fighting are in conflict. Conflicts happen in our lives and in our histories because people persist in their opinions, control, and selfishness. First, people from different countries have different cultures. Since they have different points of view, it is confusing for them to find a standard of judgment, which results in internally. They will judge themselves subjectively, but they also care about what people think about them. They do not impose their point of view on the others, but they want to keep their point of view. At the same time, they judge themselves by others’ point of view. For example, teenagers always care about what people think of the way they dress. It is because their families, friends and the media confuse them. They are

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