Conflict Essay

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Conflict is when two opposisng forces clash and show opposition and create a difficult obstacle for us. Everyone at one point oftime in their life; conflict is inevitable. But to let all the conflicts you are going through make you suffer and cry rather than just accept it and move on is the question. In the poem Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Maya Angelou , the protagonist is a brave, fearless person. In the third stanza she says, "... I won't cry/ So they fly/ I just smile/ They go wild/ Life doesn't frighten me at all." This shows her positive view on conflict. She may go through problems but she will smile, accept it and move on because she knows it is a part of life and she will ot let it bring her down. An example of a celebrity who has gone through her own personal conflict is singer Rihanna. A few years ago, she was severly beat by her then boyfriend Chris Brown. That alone is a very difficult conflict to deal with. She was torn with this problem because she is still in love with the same guy that brutaly beat her. Nontheless, she continues to be herself and make good music and showing everyone that she is a strong woman. All in all, we can say that conflict is a part of life and we shall not let it frighten us. Using the poem Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Maya Angelou and celebrity singer Rihanna as influences and examples, we can conclude that conflict may be inevitable but we can accept it and move on and continue being

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