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Conflict is inescapable. My study of texts including film, poetry and fiction has given me a greater understanding of the concept of conflict. In the film The Bank, conflict is seen as a result from an incident that Jim Doyle experienced as a little boy. The conflict explored is mainly moral, inner, interpersonal and ideological. Conflict is resolved for Jim as he does what he wants and takes revenge on the Bank. In Robert Brownings, Porphyrias Lover conflict is seen as the lover is so infatuated with Porphyria that he must take her life to keep her and cherish her. The conflict explored is inner conflict, interpersonal and physical. The conflict ends with the death of Porphyria, but the lover still suffers inner conflict within himself. With the study of my related text, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has also helped shaped by understanding of the concept of conflict. The conflict is seen from the beginning of the novel when a female and male are selected from each district to risk their life for the annual Hunger Games. The conflict explored is mainly physical and moral but there is also inner and interpersonal conflict. The film, the Bank explores the idea that conflict can arise because of an individual’s desire to take revenge. Conflict is explored emotionally, internally, ethically and morally. Jim Doyle, a maths genius aspires to be involved in the world of the share market with a project called BTSE. As a little boy, he was affected deeply by an incident ending in his father’s suicide. The bank has power to destroy the “little people” meaning those living in rural areas with a loan and not much money. . This childhood memory has lived in Jim’s head throughout his life and has caused his a huge amount of emotional stress which has had a very negative impact in his decision making and actions in life. The whole emotional impact of this event

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