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Encountering conflict brings out the best and worst in people. Day 2 The fragile notes lay in my hand, the brittle paper a reminder of the past. My great grandmother, Daisy Drummond; a victim of the war, history is continued in these sheets of music which are fading but shall never be dulled. I never had the privileged of meeting her though her actions back in the dark time of need inspire me every day to establish myself to be someone great like herself. Life is full of judgement and decisions that are based on stereo types and cultural racism. The courage and morals of my grandmother have inspired me to establish choirs of war victims and solders across the world in my travels. Day 6 At my first stop in … the nurses in the armies at first stared and considered whether I was kidding. Some refused to work together as they claimed that their role in this war did not need there serves to unite. After my rehearsal with about 6 individuals, I caught others in their cells practising my rehearsal techniques. I feel I am making a difference and changing their views. I hope that my mission to touch many individuals will grow from my first actions of today. Day 22 Music to my ears, smile on my face, I believe I have reached my aim here and completed my mission of changing lives and memories. I hope that the nurse’s in … can look back on their war experiences, think about performing and their heroic actions, not just the bloody bodies that they have needed to mend as impact of the war. Now that my work is done, I’m off to my next battle field to continue more of my grandmother’s legacy. Day 35 I’m two-thirds of the way through my tribute travels. This long and tiring trip has started to take its toll, on my body, on my self-esteem and also on my bank account. The members of … today were somewhat disinviting as their sour expresses damped my enthusiasm. I regularly

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