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Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional conflicts Conflict can be defined as a disagreement through which the individuals involved perceive a threat to their needs, interest and concern. It exists when two people or groups wish to carry out acts which are mutually inconsistent. Conflict is base on caring. Individuals involved in the conflict desire something they need that they cannot receive or give to another. Organizations are made up of individual human beings. Each human has developed a set of values and evolved a set of behavioral rules. These values and rules are sufficiently alike in a given society to allow justice, morals, and ethics to exist and create general agreement about what is right and what is wrong. However, the value-rule set for each individual is a unique set not fully shared by other humans. These differences in value-rule sets will cause conflict in an organization. Hence to effectively manage conflict it is imperative to understand the nature of conflict within an organization and knowing the different types. Conflict is often perceived to be negative. Individual feel as though it is unpleasant, counterproductive and time consuming. However, conflict can have both negative and positive outcomes depending on its nature and intensity. There are two types of conflict within an organization; functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. Functional conflict is perceived to be positive because it supports the goals of the organization. While dysfunctional conflict is seen to be more on the negative side. They hinder organization performance. Functional conflict is also known as constructive or cooperative conflict. Conflict is constructive when it improves the quality of decisions, stimulates creativity, innovation and encourages interest and curiosity among members of the organization. Functional conflict

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