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Conflict can be defined in various ways. It could be described as a fight, an argument, a war between two nations, a misunderstanding, a difference in opinion and perspectives or maybe just a personality clash amongst two people. It can mean different things to different people. The conflict theory, explains that conflicts are almost always complex considering they revolve around the complicated lives of humans; it also states that all conflicts cover a lifecycle of six stages: the beginning, early growth, deadlock, looking for a way out, resolving the conflict, and working together. This essay will discuss a conflict about how two baby girls that were born in Russia in the region of Chelyabinsk, twelve years ago, to two different families, the Belyayevs and the Iskanderovs were switched at birth. It will highlight the stages that this conflict has been through, hence showing that the theory applies to it and is correct. Every conflict starts with the first stage of the life cycle, the beginning. The beginning of a conflict is when the two opposing parties discover their differences and bring them out in the open. The conflict is initiating and developing at this stage, however no violence occurs and there is a chance of reconciliation. In the switched at birth scandal, the conflict began in October 2011, when the father from the Belyayev family accidentally discovered he was not the biological parent of his daughter. He then filed for divorce and demanded a paternity test to establish that his daughter’s DNA did not match his. The results of the test revealed that neither of the Belyayevs were the biological parents of their daughter, which lead to a police investigation, confirming that the real daughter of the Belyayev family was being raised by the Iskanderovs. The Iskanderovs and the Belyayevs then decided to investigate further to find out what really

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