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Conflict and Communication The human body has basic needs. Water & Air top the list as things that the human body cannot survive without. A business can be viewed in a very similar light. One of the basic functions that any business needs is effective and efficient communication. Communication is essential to the positive progress of the company and can help to alleviate minor issues that can easily be misconstrued into major issues. This is the basis for handling company conflicts be it external or internal issues that are present. The following will explain ways that both Kalinsky and Kenworthy could have employed both effective communication and proper conflict management to avoid some of the problems that occurred in their business. GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL Making the decision to terminate an employee should require a well thought through process by the manager as well as concrete attempts to enable the employee to correct & improve his/her behavior. Upon this basis Kalinsky was wrong to fire Kenworthy. Their issue lies in a complete lack of direct communication. Kalinsky did not genuinely attempt to try and discuss any issues with Kenworthy. Kenworthy also made mistakes by not discussing the concerns he had with Kalinsky’s decision making process. By talking to other employees about the issues they had with one another, they both failed in basic communication & business management skills. Kenworthy criticized decisions in leadership style in front of the Capital One employees and aired issues that should have been taken directly to Kalinsky. This did not only make Kalinsky look bad but it put the client in the position to question & doubt Empyrean’s confidence as a business. Kalinsky also contributed to this indirect communication issue. By calling several other Empyrean employees to find what was going on with the Capital One business

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