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The Conflict between Maria and Vicki Michael E. Longmire Sr Victory University Utilizing what I have learned from my reading up to this point I feel the conflict between Maria and Vicki was not preventable according to (Wilmont and Hocker, 2011, pg. 4, 5) it states that we carry interpersonal relationships into our workplaces; work life and private life intertwine. One study surveyed workers and found that almost 85 percent reported conflicts at work. “Regardless of where you work, conflict is inevitable because of the wide varieties of backgrounds, and cultures. “However, because it can be both a positive and negative force, management should not strive to eliminate all conflict, only that which has disruptive effects on the organization’s efforts to achieve its goals” (Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly, and Konopaske, 2006). Conflict can come from many different sources but the most “common causes involve differences between two individuals’ or groups’ values, attitudes, needs, and expectations” (Conerly and Tripathi, 2004). “When conflict is rising, energy is directed away from tasks, and engaged instead in interpersonal issues. If you manage the conflict, people are freed to put their focus back on the tasks” (Williams, 2005). To deal with conflict a manager must know a few key beliefs, which are: Conflict is inevitable, Avoiding conflict contributes to decreased productivity, Negative conflict is costly, and Positive conflict can lead to top performance. Conflict is Inevitable Conflict should never be eliminated. People are different. Each of us see things different and that diversity is one of the many pleasures of life. We all have different backgrounds, incomes, cultures, family, training, and personalities. No two people are the same and each person will react differently to any given situation. If you eliminate Conflict then you will be

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