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of causes of conflicts from individual personalities, ineffective communication, varying values to multiple role expectations. We are all certainly unique, and have a different sense of character compared to others which can create a clash of conflict. Personality traits and behaviours are an apparent source of conflict, as we do not always completely understand what they stand for or why they act the way they are. Unproductive communication is a barrier to effective communicating, which can spark conflict from the slightest signs of avoiding eye contact and inappropriate body language. We originate from all countries around the world with various cultures, and each with its own set of principles and standards, however this can simply also be dependent on the individual itself. Our values reflect on who we are as a person, when they differ from others, or otherwise challenged or questioned, conflict arises. On a personal account, the narrator herself has also experienced a great deal of conflict as well between her partner. We all have heard the expression “opposites attract”, but there is a flaw to this. Although our opposite qualities can make up for one another’s lacking or missing traits, making us feel whole, conflict can also ascend from this making it unbearable. Differing personalities and interests can inevitably affect a relationship and even bring it to its demise. We can be infatuated at the beginning with each other’s differences, but it gradually dies down, and we start to see our how our own personality varies from the other detesting it in time, and constantly questioning their personality and behaviour. At times it can be avoided, but our standards and values cannot truly overlook it. This causes inevitable conflict time after time; however it is a learning curve for ourselves to better understand another’s nature and learn from it, and in time find

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