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Conflict, specifically battles and wars, is normally used as an easy way to achieve a goal, instead of resolving matters civilly or diplomatically (the longer, more tedious route); people would rather direct resources, time and lives towards the one, unfortunate thing that all humans excel at: killing other humans. There are, however, several instances in which conflict is unavoidable due to significance of the change it would undoubtedly bring among everyone, including those who oppose that change. This is where an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, where conflict is the only way to reach a goal. One of these instances was the American civil War of 1861. In common knowledge this war, fought between the Northern and Southern States of America, was fought over the concept of slavery, and, to some extent, African American Rights. The abolitionists of the North and their supporters wanted the slaves to be freed while the rural farmers and plantation owners of the South were strongly opposed to this idea. It may appear that Southerners opposed to idea of freeing the slaves because of a strong sense of racism or were perhaps clinging on to ideas of the past, in this case Social Darwinism, but would people actually wage war because they’re racist or feel like they’re better than another being (please note that America has had minimal contact with the Middle East at this time)? In actuality, Southerners were opposed to the abolishment of slavery because of its effect on their businesses and economy. In the North, the largely industrial portion of America, imposing factories churned a seemingly infinite amount of goods and the need for human laborers decreased dramatically as a result of machine made products. However, in the South, the agrarian portion of America, goods produce in there still required large amounts of human labor, despite recent technological

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