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Confirmation Essay By Erica Soldan I think I’m ready to be confirmed because I have the will power to want to be active in the Catholic Church, not just because my parents make me. Being a catholic and receiving this sacrament means a lot to me because it’s all I’ve ever learned about and the history behind Catholicism intrigue me. Jesus is one of my favorite topics to talk about, just because of the astonishing fact of what he did for us. After receiving this sacrament, I will be recognized as a full member of the Catholic Community, enabling me to be involved in the parish more in depth. Most of my service hours are from club events at my school, such as the special needs Valentine’s Day dance and the Olive Branch food pantry. The special needs Valentine’s Day dance is held every year sponsored by the Center Hill Interact Club so that the special needs kids at our school can have fun and enjoy dancing. This dance is like their prom, and every year this is the one thing they always look forward to. I also go to the Olive Branch Food Pantry with the interact club. This is a way for me to give back to my community by packing food for the less fortunate to take home for the week. This is my favorite and most often community service I do. I also get service hours by cleaning the school desks and boards before state tests with the beta club, and we also babysit the teacher’s kids while they have staff meetings after school. In student council, we have a carwash for the teachers for teacher appreciation week. The teachers thoroughly enjoy it and so do we, getting wet and having fun with our friends. This week, I look forward to working the Field of Dreams with special needs kids. Special needs kids are amazing to work with and learn just how smart they really are. Not to mention baseball also being my favorite sport. Community service should not be looked at as

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