Confidentiality in Nursing Essay

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Idea: To discuss learning anatomy and physiology for the first time Introduction This reflective account will look at my experience of learning anatomy and physiology for the first time when participating in module 1 of the Nursing Degree. I will look at the different aspects of this experience using Gibbs (1988) model of reflection as a structure to guide my reflection. This will include the description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and future action. I will then conclude on the experience of writing this account and the contribution it has given to both my learning and understanding of myself and nursing…… Model of reflection being used The model of reflection that I am using is the Gibbs (2008) Reflective cycle. Smith (2010) sees this cycle as an excellent tool for students to reflect on both their learning and experiences. This is supported by Johnson (2006) who states that by using a reflective cycle plans of action can be effectively created for both positive and negative experiences. I have looked at other models of reflection but have decided to use Gibbs (2008) as the structure is easy to understand and appears to cover the logical components of reflecting on an incident or topic…… Description Before starting the nursing degree course I thought I would not be accepted if I did not have qualifications in biological subjects. I was surprised to be accepted for the course and felt confident that I would be able to achieve the level expected whilst on the course. Within a few days of starting I was told that I would have to take an anatomy and physiology exam in two months and that I would have to read a whole book and remember it. These were the rules of the course whether the student already has a degree in anatomy and physiology or has never studied it before……. Feelings/Thoughts I was surprised when I found that there was so much
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