Confidence Men Chapter Summary

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The economy is holding on by the skin of its teeth, the unemployment rate is higher than ever, republicans reject nearly every initiative President Obama proposes, and the Obama’s base is growing disturbed by his unwillingness to ever fight for liberal causes. But a couple of his critics are watching his every step like Ron Suskind. Confidence Men focuses on the heart and soul of President Obama’s economic team, how it works from the inside out. The book displays a picture of the president that makes it seem like he is getting more than what he signed up for, and he cannot handle it, like he is struggling to manage his economic team. The central theme of the book is President Obama’s absence of leadership. I always believed that Obama was a…show more content…
This act made important changes to the United States since the reform following the Great Depression. It made changes in the American financial regulatory environment that affect all federal financial regulatory agencies and almost every part of the nation's finance industries. Even though this may seem as a good thing for our country, many critics believe the reform act is not enough to prevent another financial crisis. I believe this reform act was a major achievement in a way. The economy has gotten better through the years and President Obama has come up with some very beneficial strategies that have helped this country get out of the recession that we were in. The Affordable Care Act known as Obama care is a HealthCare reform that’s used to help those individuals and families who do not have health insurance seek the care they need. I believe that this was another great achievement for President Obama. There are millions of people who cannot afford the proper healthcare that they need in order to survive. The people who need this the most are now being helped out and this has helped our
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