Confidence in an Interview

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Jessica Jones Sullivan English 098, 12:00 23, April, 2014 Confidence in an interview: You can really tell when I lack confidence. Why would someone hire a person who lacks confidence? Presenting myself with confidence is a sure way to do well on a job interview because confidence helps with gaps in skill set, improves body language, and allows me to cope with disappointment. Presenting myself with confidence helps overcome gaps in skill set. Confidence shows the employer that I am ready to tackle any tasks that may come my way. When I walk in the door my head is held high, I am prepared to ask questions about the position for which I am applying for . I have done research about the company so that I know the ins and outs of my future employer. Confidence also brings positive attention to myself. Confidence and a good attitude show that I am ready to be a part of a team and that I am ready to learn any new skills required for my new job. How does being confident help with body language? Body language can show a lot about my confidence. Making sure I am sitting up straight and not fidgeting around lets the interviewer know I am ready to answer any and all questions that he or she may have for me. I always make sure that I am alert and making eye contact. If the interviewer notices me slouching in my chair looking lazy and uninterested I am less likely to get the position because they will think that I am a lazy employee. Having confidence shows in my body language that I am interested in what they are saying to me and that I respect the company I am about to work for. Coping with disappointment I have learned that by having confidence it has helped me with the disappointment of getting that phone call for the position I applied for the lady who
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