Confessions Of St. Augustine

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Confessions of St. Augustine St. Augustine may be a very important figure in Catholicism, but it was a long and argouis journey that eventually lead to his conversion. He was not born without sin, in fact he lead a very sinful life in his youth. Yet through many trials and tribulations he found god and did finally convert. To achieve this feat St. Augustine went through three major stages in his life, which were his childhood and adolescence, his early adulthood, and finally his early thirties when he finally converted. The gift of god was given to him from the first moments of life (Augustine, confessions, p.6), this concept was what he truly believed as he learned more about god. However as an infant he had no knowledge of what gods gift is. All men’s lives begin as an infant, and it is at this point that man first sins. An infants actions are based off of desire, and they get angry when their wishes aren’t fulfilled but they don’t know any better. If we acted in the same manner as an adult we would be condemned. As we grow older we attempt to cast out these bad behaviors because we learn that they are evil or at least inappropriate. These behaviors are only tolerated in infants because we know that they will pass as they get older and are more physically dependent (Augustine, p.8). Therefore even as infants we sin we just don’t know it. St. Augustine acknowledges that while he cant remember these years he more then likely acted in the same manner. After infancy, St. Augustine enters childhood and this is were his learning of the world and god begins. He was infatuated with many worldly things and would be greatly distracted form his studies, and he would be punished for this so that he would not neglect what was important. Then later in his childhood he grew ill and was going to be baptized. His mother was Christian and she felt that should he die his soul

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