Confessions Of A Tea Addict (Chai Ka Charsi) Essay

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Confessions of a Tea addict (Chai ka Charsi) So this happens thirty days ago, I was diagnosed with Malaria and Urinary (not urine) Infection. It all started with severe constipation. To get to this, let’s go back 10 days so that you can get a glimpse of the entire “God forbid” situation. My friends have come back from their universities abroad for their extra long vacations. Now when they are here, they expect me to keep them entertained and that’s what a good friend should do, that’s what I did. Ramazan is up; therefore we have a lot of “scenes” where we stay at this friend’s place that happens to live in Clifton. Now the three of us gather, we play MONO-POLY and RISK very often and we go to boat basin and khadda market to have sehri (sometimes includes dinner) and of course CHAI scenes (which we never miss). To tell you how chai has become an integral part of our lives there revolves some story. Couple of years back me and my other friend realized we needed to hang out since we weren’t able to make enough good friends (“our type people” were just not there) so we started walking to Mohammad Ali (its not a person who sells dope, it’s a place) and ended up having chai at SIMSUM (a pet name for one of the dhabas at MA). This became a daily routine and we grew up drinking that same old addictive chai. Time passed by we became chai addicts. My regular consumption of tea had come to an average of 8-10 cups which I suppose is not normal. So now there is more chai running in my veins than blood. One day at this friends place in Clifton, I had been constipated for 5 days. I almost stopped having food but there was one thing I couldn’t control on. Yes you are right, its tea. Anyways that night God blessed me with one visit of bathroom right after sehri and lord did I think I was free.

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