Confession of a Hindu Beef Eater

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Vinesh C. Writing 2000 Advanced Composition Confession from a Hindu Beef Eater Eating of beef or the slaughtering of cows in most Indian states is considered a taboo. This leads to several factors, mostly religious but the environment, community and society does play a major role too. India, where Hinduism is known to be the dominant force, has 80 percent of the population following the fate of Hindu. Well, I’m a Hindu myself, but I do eat beef. Unfortunately? Maybe not. Certain Hindus, particularly Brahmins (one of the four Indian caste), are vegetarian, abstaining from eating meat. Those Hindus who do eat meat (the remaining 3 caste) abstain from the consumption of beef, as the cow holds a sacred place in Hinduism. As in Hinduism, every god has their own vehicle. The cow is the vehicle of Lord Shiva, one of the gods of the ultimate trinity consisting of Vishnu, the preserver; Brahman, the creator; and Shiva is known to be the destroyer (this trinity is the ultimate balance in Hinduism).(1) I personally respect this piece of knowledge and value it with all my heart. However, I’m a Hindu who grew up out of India, I was born in Thailand. There’s a huge Hindu community influence in where I reside, Bangkok. But beef is served everywhere; obviously I won’t slaughter any cows, but I would eat that beef being served! Beef is a high-protein meal which is required for my personal fitness goal as well. On the upper side, I’m a fairly religious person myself and do follow the faith of Hinduism proudly. I attend several Hindu functions and prayers along with the community and do pray to Hindu deities on a daily basis. Consumption of beef is taboo out of respect for the cow as well, not just on the religious side. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and particularly ghee (Indian traditional cooking oil) are highly valued and used in holy ceremonies and certain

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