Conference Concept Essay

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Assessment Task 1 Conference concept Case Review: This case is talking about MacVille how to imported Italian espresso into the Australian market, as the leader of the project how to through the conference program will products quickly into the Australian market and enable people to approve the product thus stable development. As the leader of the project, I will put forward a specific plan, it includes the purpose of the conference and the type of conference. Also the target market and strategy. How to gain an advantage through the meeting? The most important issue is timely find potential barriers and address all contingency situations as they arise. I would like run this project in the next 4-6 months Conference Concept Preparation of conference: The type of conference is external conference that is going to face the target markets. The purpose of conference is to promote range of imported Italian espresso. Because of the firm has recently secured the rights to distribute in Australia. MacVille want to imported espresso into the Australian market. The target market for the conference is the owners and managers of retail coffee shops. It is anticipated that 40-60 people will attend. Firstly I establish a team for conference. Then I will put forward some promotional activities to attach the targets attention. I will develop on online presents, targets emails, print materials and tie up with sponsors. The conference timing is critical, the conference time to consider other brands, stagger the time as far as possible, at the same time to arrange the conference time in the morning, people usually easy to doze in the afternoon. Also conference to consider is conference the day do people want to stay. The conference location also be determined at the same time with the timing. Choose hotel is given priority to with business hotel, because modern business

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