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Exercise 2 1. List five factors that would influence the type of facilities that would be required in a conference venue. * Room Size * Amenities and decor * Equipment * Stationery * Catering arrangement 2. If several workshops at a conference were held concurrently, what would this mean? To magnetise more sponsors 3. Explain what effective group interaction means? Every group member take part in with the discussion. 4. Before any firm arrangements or bookings are made for a conference, what is the first thing that should be established and confirmed? Budget allocating 5. How would this be done? The company’s financial director or accountant will allocate a certain amount, or set a limit on the amount to spend on the conference. 6. Describe how would you begin to prepare and then calculate the draft budget or costs for a conference? A draft budget should be prepared based on the convener’s plan for the conference. The budget may be developed with the costs being calculated using estimates or preliminary quotes provided by suppliers and the expected cost of each task or requirement such as venue hire, stationery, brochure design, speaker’s fees, travel, accommodation , advertising and promotion. 7. What is the meaning of the term ‘early bird fee’? Cheaper price for the customer buying early. 8. How would a calculation be made as to whether a conference is likely to make profit or deficit? Based on the expected number of attendees or delegates, an estimate can then be made as to whether the conference is likely to make a profit or deficit or break even. Hopefully it will deliver a modest surplus. 9. In your own words, describe a ‘preparation timeline’, and how you would use one? The time to prepare for the conference, and the time will depend on the size and scale of

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