Confederation Vs Constitution

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<BR>The Battle Over States Rights <br> <br>The Framers of the Constitution had the large job of producing a new government, different from the Articles Of Confederation, that would unite a newly born country, freed from the tyrant King of England. This government have to appease both sides and resemble a working model that showed potential and showed promise that the recent chain of events would never happen, or have to happen again. However, the main problem with creating a new “Constitution” is the necessity to negotiate and create a government so large and flexible, that discrepancy would not arise and people would still be able to exercise those very freedoms that they fought for. The major conflict, which would eventually…show more content…
It provided a strong, yet basic structure which laid down the framework for the new nation. It provided for the good of the large and the small, and seem to fit within each state’s needs. The Federalists had more faith in it’s government and less faith in it‘s people without a strong <br>centralized government. A federal government can provide for the common defense, raise revenue in time of war, and treat with other nations more effectively than might a confederation. They believed that, the people cannot govern themselves, nor protect their collective rights, without a strong central government. A representative few must guard against the confusions of the multitude and only a strong central government can ensure that states participate in the general good. A single executive, or the president, would govern much more efficiently than multiple executives from different states. It would further guard against corruption within the Government. With this Constitution, the Federalists believed that it protected the public good and did not need a Bill or Rights as an independent judiciary to secure the rights of all. To prevent the “ignorant masses” from “gumming up the works” the Electoral College protected the people from those who
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