Conducting Your Literature Review

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Sonja Mack EG371 April 28, 2011 Project Part 2 Conducting Your Literature Review Team “B” selected three previously prepared research studies that all involved college students and the stress they have obtained while attending and the hardship of trying to balance while having kids and work. Each study that was done had similarities but also had a different set of guidelines to follow or utilized different research methods to come up with end results. The one thing that seemed agreeable in the end results was that there was stress for the participants. The three different studies done had different types of group that they focused on. One actually studied 249 universities that compared male to female, freshmen and sophomore verses juniors and seniors. This research did prove that men and women had different levels of stress, but it was geared towards a certain age group 18-24 years old, which leaves out the older population of people who may have attend college. (Adansi A. Amankwaa) Another study focus was on young African American mothers or pregnant adolescents attending college and studied what was causing stress but included a mother’s love for the child. This research included young women who were suffered from poverty, discussed the lesson learned from being a parent too early in life. (Ranjita Misra) The other research had only female participants attending a community college ranging from 18-24 years old. They had two groups that were suppose to contain six participants except one group only had five participants. This would probably throw the research off a little bit, but the research team did the study without. (Erikson) (Johnson) All in all each study did show several areas from which stressors came from. They all seem to have the category of physical stress. Adansi A. Amankwaa, PhD, Rita L. Brown, BA (Psychology. The ABNF Journal
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