Conducting a Research Project Essay

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LECTURE 7 Conducting a Research Project Recommended Readings Nunan. D. 1992. Research Methods in Language Learning. Cambridge: CUP. (Chapter 10) Brown, J.D. & Rodgers, T.S., 2002, Doing Second Language Research, Oxford: OUP Gibaldi, J. 2003, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, The Modern Language Association of America Hart, C. 1998, Doing a Literature Review, Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination, Sage Publication Locke, L.F. et al., 2000, Proposals that Work, Sage Publication Munger, D. et al., 1998, Researching on Line, London: Longman Walker, R. 1985. Doing Research: a Handbook for Teachers. London: Methuen Wiersma, W. 1985. Research Methods in Education. Boston: Allyn and Bacon Wisker, G. 2001, The Postgraduate Handbook, New York: Palgrave The research cycle General research process Identifying a research area Developing a research question Preparing a research proposal Conducting a literature review Determining data collection methods Collecting data Analysing data Drawing conclusions Writing up research Developing a research question Determining the general topic area for research - from one’s own interest - from one’s experience in the field - reading widely Formulating a question: a balance between the value of the question and the researcher’s ability to answer it - Defining a research problem - Considering the construct validity Doing a research project: How to find a research topic Solution 1: Libraries Skimming over papers in professional journals Focusing on the data and problems addressed in the papers – other better solution? Better approach? Solution 2: Course readings Reading again critically for inconsistent arguments, flaws in argumentation, ad hoc solutions, contradictory data to the claims in

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