Conduct Marketing Audit Essay

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Ans. 1 Purpose of the audit is to assess why they have not achieved anticipated business objectives. Micro factors- Micro factors affecting the marketing process includes national chain expansion(competition), increased in take-away demand, desire for low-fat products. Macro factors- Macro factors affecting the marketing process includes increase in retires, interest rate increases, charging different prices, labelling laws, online ordering. Ans. 2 The scope of marketing audit including: Auditor to be independent from Ready-made marketing and Sarto's Gourmet Pasta. Covering micro and macro environmental factors that have impacted on business objectives. Reviewing internal marketing operations including: The marketing organisation The marketing systems The marketing productivity Research the Graceville trading area, and pasta restaurants across Australia. Identifying variations to 'Marketing plan – Sarto's Gourmet Pasta – December 2008'. Ans. 3 A broad range of methodologies to be used, and relevant to this scenario is: Interviews with key participants Focus groups Research report Timing for occurrence of audit is that it is to happen after the first 12 months of implementation. Ans. 4 Rose Ready – Marketing consultant, to provide broader research information, offers opinions about the relationship between Mario and Ready-Made Marketing. Mario Sarto – Owner, to provide reason for decision made. Andriana Como – Sarto's sales and promotions, provide information about marketing operations from within Sarto's. Eric Yeung – External accontant, to provide Sarto,s financial information and analysis about cost, margins and sales. Ans. 5 Independent audit – Conducted by an external auditor. Comprehensive – Covering macro and micro environment plus the internal and external factors. These meet the
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