Condoms In Public Schools

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November 10,2010 Argument Essay Word Count 503 Condoms in Public High Schools This year nearly one million teen girls will become pregnant and over fifteen million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) will be reported in this country. Each year teen pregnancies cost our nation’s taxpayers over fifteen billion dollars. These statistics show that we need something done to make them lower. Public high schools need to realize it is time to take action and help protect these students. Providing public high school students with condoms will help reduce teen pregnancy rates and help control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex before marriage has always been thought of being morally wrong by our society. Most parents hope that it is not their children having pre-marital sex, but the truth is, most teenagers are having sex and it can’t be ignored anymore. Teenagers often do not talk with their parents about sex, because they may feel to embarrassed. This embarrassment makes getting condoms for themselves a very difficult task. At the local Wal-Mart a box of condoms can run nearly twelve dollars to purchase. Condoms are very over priced. Seeing as many teens do not have jobs it makes it almost impossible for them to purchase condoms. When most of your peers are engaging it pre-marital sex, it is hard not wanting to experiment like they are doing. If condoms were given away at public high schools teenagers would be able to access them easily. Despite all the support, some believe public schools should not provide students with condoms. Some families think it is the parents’ responsibility to provide protection to their teenagers. If the teenagers are not talking to their parents about sex, the parents do not know that the teenagers are sexually active. Some parents make just enough money to pay their bills so they might not be able to afford
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