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Brandon Cohen Adam Neff English101 14 October 2011 Concussions, Are They a Danger in Sports? My brother has been playing football for a number of years and has suffered five concussions as a result. Some of these have gone undiagnosed so he has been able to keep playing despite his head injuries. This is very unsafe for him and he should be monitored by a doctor or trainer more closely in order for them to determine when it is safe to return to playing again. Concussion safety in sports is a growing problem that has affected many high school and college athletes across the country. When these concussed athletes return to the field prematurely, they run the risk of a second impact which, when coupled with earlier concussions, can be life…show more content…
Current systems in place for monitoring concussions, where athletes are more on their own in terms of seeking out medical help, unless there is an obvious medical issue, are not effectively preventing our concussed athletes from returning to play prematurely. A more effective method for preventing premature returns has been developed by medical specialists around the country called ImPACT which “provides computerized neurocognitive assessment tools and services that are used by medical doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers, and other licensed healthcare professionals to assist them in determining an athlete's ability to return to play after suffering a concussion” (Liewen). This new way to test for and monitor concussions allows medical professionals to better gauge an athlete’s return to play. It must be a group effort in order to keep athletes safe because it is the coach’s and trainer’s responsibility to monitor the athletes while they are on the field to determine whether or not they are struggling and in need of medical assistance. If they or the caregivers feel like it is necessary to see a doctor then it becomes the doctor’s responsibility to correctly diagnose the severity of the injury and require the athletes to be medically…show more content…
As science has progressed we have learned more and more about the causes as well as the effects of concussions, which we now know can be very serious if ignored. The frightening thing is that despite these well-known health risks, athletes are choosing to ignore them intentionally or even unintentionally just so they can get back out on the field as soon as possible. The stubborn mind of the American teenager, in a sense, works against itself by giving the false assumption that concussions are not nearly as serious as they are made out to be and nothing will happen to them. It then becomes the coaches, trainers and caregiver’s responsibility to make sure that if an athlete could possibly be suffering from a concussion then they should be taken to see a doctor or medical professional immediately and not allowed to play again until they have been cleared. I know this is a difficult thing to control but it is necessary to keep our student athletes safe because I would never want my brother’s life to be put at risk just so he could go play that big game Friday

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