Concussions In Highschool

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Concussions in high school athletes are a dangerous problem that is on the rise today. Kids seem to want to fight through what they think is just “headaches” and take some sort of pill to get rid of the problem. What they don’t know is that they probably have a concussion and with keep playing they are putting themselves in harm’s way by doing this. Another problem in high school sports is that most schools don’t have a legitimate plan in place for when an athlete gets a concussion. Most schools don’t know how to test for concussion which could potentially put the athletes in harm’s way. Throughout this essay I will be discussing what some schools are doing or what they aren’t doing. A lot of people may think that it is really hard to get a concussion and you only get them in a contact sport. But really you can get a concussion from any sport or any other thing that you do where you can hit your head. Your brain is a soft organ that is surrounded by spinal fluid and protected by your hard skull. Normally, the fluid around your brain acts like a cushion that keeps your brain from banging into your skull. But if your head or your body is hit hard, your brain can crash into your skull and be injured. Symptoms can vary and might not always be apparent right away if you have a concussion or not. Some symptoms include you don't have to pass out (lose consciousness) to have a concussion. Some people will have obvious symptoms of a concussion, such as passing out or forgetting what happened right before the injury. But other people won't. With rest, most people fully recover from a concussion. Some people recover within a few hours. Other people take a few weeks to recover. In rare cases concussions cause more serious problems. Repeated concussions or a severe concussion may require surgery or lead to long-lasting problems with movement, learning, or speaking. Because of

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