Concussions And Athletes Essay

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Prewriting for Letter Assignment 1. Theme/Topic: Concussions and Athletes 2. Angle: Physicians and athletic associations have an ethical responsibility to protect athletes from serious and life threatening effects of concussions. 3. Purpose and Thesis: I agree with the author because I do believe that physicians and athletic associations have a responsibility to their athlete’s health and well-being. I agree that there should be more rules and regulations to protect athletes from sustaining serious long term damage due to concussions. 4. Reader/Audience Profile a. Readers’ Expectations: The expectations of the readers are to understand the gravity of damage that can be caused from concussions and gain valuable insight into how physicians and athletic associations can ensure that athletes are protected. b. Readers’ Values/Attitudes: The values of the readers are to protect children and young adults from harm. Their attitudes are to hopefully make a cultural change in sports that encourage the readers to be more aware of the serious nature of concussions. 5. Context: College sports are big money making empires that have big influence on the social and political aspects of many towns and cities. Athletes…show more content…
From a former collegiate soccer player, I believe that I may be able to place the issue on a larger scale. The recent stance adopted by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), indicates that there are serious implications for ignoring the increasing number of sports related concussions each year, and there needs a be shift in how medical professionals should protect

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