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Ansley Folds 2nd period 12-10-12 Conclusion Enzymes are a subunit of one of the main biological compounds, proteins. Also, enzymes are chemical compounds that cause chemical reactions to speed up. An enzyme acts as a catalyst or a substance that aids in a reaction without being used up by a substrate. In order for an enzyme to work properly there has to be an active site which is a surface region of an enzyme where it catalyzes its reaction (Enzymes, 2009). An active site is made up of amino acids which are building blocks of proteins. A substrate is the molecule acted on by an enzyme and is also a surface for attachment for the enzyme. Enzymes function by making a particular chemical reaction energetically more favorable (Enzymes, 2009). Enzymes have four main characteristics that are essential to the functionality of enzymes. An example of one of these is enzymes’ main function is to speed up chemical reactions, not create them (Enzymes, 2009). Another one is one enzyme molecule can catalyze substrates over and over again (Enzymes, 2009). According to the article “Enzyme” (2009), enzymes can catalyze both forward and reverse reactions. The last essential characteristic of an enzyme is that one particular enzyme can catalyze only one particular substrate. An example of a common enzyme is lactase. Lactase is a group of enzymes found in the small intestine, liver, and kidney of mammals that catalyze the breakdown of lactose into the simple sugars glucose and galactose (Lactase, 2012). My group, Table Seven, did our experiment on the time lapsed after the lactase pill is added. We wanted to know whether time lapse affected the amount of glucose present in the lactose sample. For our experiment we had seven different variable groups and one controlled group. The variable for the seven groups was the amount of time lapsed after putting the lactase pill inside

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