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In conclusion, verbal and nonverbal communication can affect the communication between Courtroom and Juvenile facility in many ways. As verbal communication is to express ideas and thoughts and nonverbal communication is communicating with actions without talking like sign language or sings on a wall. No matter if it is a verbal or nonverbal communication is very important that communication exist in Courtroom and Juvenile facility because it helps maintain order, authority, safety and help with the inmates personal and legal problems. In juvenile facility nonverbal communication affects communication in the facility between employees by speaking to each other when there are alarming visitors by making hand gesture or sign language and in this way they help each other not only do their job but also protect themselves. Also in juvenile facilities verbal communication can be crucial because they plan fights, escapes, pranks or trying to hurt an employee. At the same time can be good verbal communication in a juvenile facility because in that way order and safety can be maintained in most cases. In a courtroom nonverbal communication can affect communication and the entire proceedings of a trial like gestures and facial expressions are transmitted and observed by everyone in the courtroom. For example having eye contact can help persuade a jury and make a decision over a case. Verbal communication can affect communication over a case in a courtroom in many ways like the way the individual speaks, the tone, how loud they speaks and especially and most important the spoken words. Spoke words are crucial in a courtroom because one word can change the perspective over a case in a courtroom. The positive view of verbal communication in a courtroom is that always there will a final decision of a case and all points of view of everyone will be heard. Meaning that courtrooms

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