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Concert Critique 2 On August 6th, I went to a piano bar in College Station called The Tap. There were two incredible artists performing. Their names were John Klemm and Taylor Trotter and they were both from College Station. They took turns playing the piano and they also sang together the whole night. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the piano bar. It was very laid-back and welcoming compared to most upbeat concerts that I have been to. I also liked how personable the performers were. They embraced the venue and really appreciated the audience that came to support them. They took multiple song requests throughout the night and this meant a lot to the fans. One thing that I didn’t like was how they would joke around and talk a lot in between some of their songs. I know that this was in part what helped create the laid-back atmosphere of the piano bar, but at the same time I almost felt as if I were being forced to listen to talk radio. I also didn’t like how the majority of their songs sounded the same. They had one style of music and they chose to use that on every song that they performed whether it was one they wrote themselves or one that they were covering. In the future I would love to see this duo break out of their comfort zone and try singing and playing in a style that is still uniquely theirs but that also has some variation to it. I would also love to see them take on more of a professional performance roll that a laid-back one. I think that this would keep the audiences attention longer and ultimately help their image as an aspiring

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