Concert Critique

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Music Appreciation Concert Critique #1 As we approach the concert hall strolling along Michigan Avenue, the air is filled with moisture and a heavy fog is hanging around the concrete jungle as it does most fall evenings near the lake. There is a mystical, mysterious feeling. I am drawn into the symphony and discover the night's mystery will continue with Berlioz's La Damnation de Faust. Hector Berlioz has always intrigued me, perhaps a part of my soul identifies with his longing to find truth and convey his messages in a way that resonates on a deeper, more personal level with his audience. From the curtain pull it was apparent this was not going to be only a symphony. The stage was filled with the usual instruments, including two harps, two vocal soloists and a full chorus. I think back to class and anticipate all the opportunities for Berlioz to use his master orchestratation skills within this large group. Furthering my experience of excitement is the crazed looking, animated conductor, Charles Dutoit. He reminds me a Jack Nicholson in all his magnificent roles. Following a few bars of pastoral music, Faust's opening narrative is wonderfully recieved. It seems Faust is peaceful and rejoicing in the spring time. The flutes make for the most amazing sounding birds. Coupled with glorious harp interjections, the music cause me to tear up in joy. This doesn't last long, however, the horns begin to play and Faust has moved to another part of the plain, where an army passes. The bassoons and English horns are used to play the military march. Part two has Faust in Germany. The movement begins on a sympathetic note. The brass playing, trumpets, trombones, tubas, and horns all played with excellent projection and fine tuning. I felt a longing to go back to the first movement, although the tragic portions did create suspense, irony, and
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