Concert Appreciation Essay

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I attended the Plainfield South High School Fall Band Concert on November 20, 2012. The concert band, the symphonic band, the wind ensemble, and the marching band played. As people were walking in to see the concert there were four flute players playing right inside the front doors. The concert was set up in the gymnasium with the band in a standard concert arch with the percussion behind the band. When it was time for the marching band to perform all the chairs and stands were removed and the percussion instruments were moved forward for pit. The band stood in a concert arch with battery in a straight line behind them and the color guard in the back. The dress attire for the boys was a black suit, bow tie, and black shoes, for the girls it was a floor length black dress, black tights, and black shoes. In the Wind Ensembles piece, The Marriage of Figaro Overture by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the emotion conveyed is very bright and busy. That emotion is conveyed by the long, fast moving phrases. The fast moving notes where staccato which made the piece seem to move faster even though the tempo stayed the same. The melody was never masked by the counter melody or harmony but you could still hear the counter melody and harmony underneath the melody so the piece had nice contrast and was well balanced. They melody was bouncing from instrument to instrument so it wasn’t all the same sound throughout the piece. You could easily tell that the dynamics were well enforced during rehearsal because when they played there was great dynamic differences throughout the piece. They had a very warm tone even though it was a fast piece of music and warm tones are more associated with slow pieces, Each band tuned individually and as a group before they played each of their pieces so that most likely helped in the aspect of tone quality. Throughout the concert I noticed that each

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