Concerned Citizen For The Community Essay

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Concerned Citizen for the Community By Danielle Wyman December 11, 2011 HUM 111 As a concerned citizen of this community I want to make all of us aware of the dangers of that we are facing. Over the past years many people in this town have been becoming ill, and I wanted to know why. So I made it my first priority to investigate this problem. I went around to the people that were sick and got the asked what symptoms they had and the illnesses that they have been diagnosed with. After talking with the patients I went to the doctors that diagnosed their illnesses to find out that there were illnesses like acute lymphatic leukemia, aplastic anemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. After looking at the statistics from the eye witness reports from the patients and the expert opinions from the doctors I knew more research needed to be done to solve this problem. I researched on health sites about the illnesses and they all have in common benzene which is a component of gas. This drew my curiosity more so I researched more about benzene and the possible ways that the environment can be exposed to it on the site. After looking further it led me to the local gas company in our community. I interviewed some workers from the company to find that the standard of benzene in the gas was 100 parts per million. This has got my curiosity because of what I read about the parts per million mentioned on the health tools site. So I researched the United States regulations for parts per million for Benzene only to find out that the regulation standards are to be one part per million on an eight hour time weighted average. This is a big problem that we citizens need to take care of for the health of our community. If you are breathing benzene then it is best to move away to fresh air (Wooten, 2011). This is not the case for most of us who

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