Concepts of Health Behavior

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Case Study – Concepts of Health Behavior The Committee on Health and Behavior researched health behavior and social influences on health and behavior. The research provided a working definition of health behavior, and the risk factors associated with poor health. The working definitions provided by the research help to provide a clearer understanding of health and behavior and the relationship between the two concepts. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate and expand on these terms to understand working definitions of health and behavior. Behavior includes people’s actions and mannerisms. Behavior in health is based on how people approach health and the lifestyles they develop, which are based on societal influences and attitudes. The Committee on Health and Behavior viewed behavior through a scientific lens. According to the committee, “biobehavioral sciences are used…to refer to the panoply of basic, applied, and clinical sciences that contribute to an understanding of behavior” (Committee on Health and Behavior, 2001, p. 20). These sciences help to explain people’s behavior towards health and how social influences and personal attitudes influence behavior. As a result, a working definition of behavior has to include the factors that affect or influence behavior. Drapeau, Boyer, and Lesage (2009) stated that “cultural values and beliefs are largely acquired through the practice of social roles, passive observation of others’ behavior and attitude, and reactions of others to one’s own behavior and attitude in various settings and circumstances” (p. 373). These factors influence behavior; therefore, behavior can be defined as the actions or responses to one’s heath based on social and cultural views of health and health seeking behavior. Health is not clearly defined in research. The Committee on Health and Behavior stated that “health is sometimes
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