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Conceptions of the Cold War Essay

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  • on April 22, 2013
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Conceptions of the Cold War
During my interview with Mrs. Kimberly Elmore, the Music Teacher at George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary School, states that the word she immediately thinks of when she thinks of the Cold War is “RUSSIA”!   She studied about the Cold War in school and they focused on the Cold War over the past decades with the conflicts of countries.   According to Mrs. Elmore, Russia and the United States (US) were involved in the Cold War. Global power shifts to the Soviet Union, SALT 1, Kissinger excluded Russia from the Egyptian/ Israeli peace negotiation, and the Arab oil embargo occurs, followed by price increases in the United States are the key events that we mainly associate with the Cold War that Mrs. Elmore remembers.   She also adds the difference in Russia and the United States was Communism verses capitalism.
According to Mr. Robert McClenon, my uncle, states that one word that comes to his mind when he thinks of the term Cold War is “death” because he can remember losing a very good friend, only 20 years old, that fought in the Korean War.“Power” is another word that he immediately thinks of because both the Soviet Union and United States possessed so much power, but didn’t want to fight each other. The one phrase that he can and will always remember being said by the Soviet Union President/ leader is when Nikita Kruschev told the United States “if you take the black man out of your Army, I will bet you at war right now”.   My Uncle says the reason he believes Kruschev told the US that because he knew the blacks made our Army powerful.   He also states that the African American men carried a lot of the burden of the war.
During my last interview, I spoke with Don and his wife, Marcia, Springcreek Private School and Daycare owners.   Key words that immediately came to their mind when they thought of the Cold War were “racism, WWII, missile crisis, arms race, US vs Russia, and Man on the Moon. The key phrase stated by Neal Armstrong   “One...

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