Concept of Time Essay

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The concept of time has been an argument between scientists that never seems to come to a concrete answer. The reality is that time is only a concept devised by man to bring order and stability to society. In my opinion time doesn’t exist, because an event is going to happen no matter what. It all depends on pure fate. All objects will still move if the clock is stopped or not. Time is just an idea, the earth and all things will still move because of fate and physics not time. Try to describe time, without using time as a reference. We can't see it, can't smell it, can't taste it, etc. Are there any machines that can measure it? A clock? Really? What does a clock measure? The movement of its own hands? Is time defined by the motion of our planet around the sun? From an online source a scientist sent an email about the concept of time to a curious student in which he stated, “Time does not exist. It is simply our mind applying an understandable framework to the progression of our consciousness through a series of static, overlapping, and simultaneously coexisting, multidimensional universes. The progression of our consciousness occurs in a linear, contiguous, and continuous fashion.” In the Journal of Theoretics, Dr. Siepmann states, “But in all of this where is Time as a physical entity. Nowhere. All we have done is to define the duration of a physical event.” When I asked Ryan Fitzgerald about the concept of time he said, “The way I see it "time" does not exist. It is simply a mental thought created by us humans to create a schedule.” When I asked Brian Burns about the concept of time he stated, “Time is just a theory that people want to believe because that’s what we all grew up believing.” I also asked my dad what his thoughts where on the concept of time and he said, “Time doesn’t exist. What did the caveman do? They didn’t keep time they used the earth its
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