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CTD - (CounTry’s Development) “What can I contribute to the country’s development?” is a question that has been plaguing me until a problem that is needed to be addressed came to mind: unheard and unsolved problems about the environment or our surroundings. Another thing that I have realized is that people complain a lot. These complains vary from the people’s perspective but there are complains that needs attention, needs to be heard, and that greatly affects our daily lifestyle, our surroundings, and our community. Every day, there are a lot of problems that occur around us. As the days go by, many of these problems continue to grow bigger due to: no tool for a complainant to send complains to government or non-governments departments/agencies that are responsible for that problem; no action from the agencies/departments to solve the problems; or delay in taking action. This project is all about creating a website where people can post complaints or concerns about their environment or things in their surroundings. Each post contains important information to make it easy for the responsible government or non-government agencies/departments to take action and for other people to be informed. This project will tap government/non-government departments/agencies that are responsible for the different problems that were encountered by the users. CTD serves as a medium between the people and the different departments/agencies The objectives of this project are: * To help the development of our country specifically concerning the things/problems in our environment/surroundings. * To provide an easy way for the government or non-government agencies/departments to locate problems that are needed to be solved. * Allow people to voice out their complaints that they encounter in their surroundings and address it to the government or non-government

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