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The Concept of Social Bias Selina King PSYCH/555 Social Psychology February 6, 2012 Diana Dobier The Concept of Social Bias Social bias is an individual’s prejudice attitude towards people of a specific group, based on a person’s race, gender and even religious affiliation. This paper will explore the concepts of stereotyping a person, prejudice and discriminatory behavior. There are subtle and blatant biases which the differences between the two will be explained. Social bias towards another person can have a strong impact on their lives which will be described in this paper Define Concepts of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination There are some individuals who believe bias behaviors no longer exist in today’s society, it’s no longer a problem, while others strongly believe social bias towards a specific group or person is a current problem that can be dangerous. Some individuals choose not to discuss bias behaviors for fear their opinion on the matter will be taken out of context or they may have to listen to the same dialogue over and over again. This is due to the differences of opinion of whether bias behaviors continue to exist today or not. Social psychologists have studied bias for several decades and have gained knowledge about subtle and blatant biases, how it affects an individual and developed strategies that can be used to change the behavior, Fiske (2010). The four parts of the core social motives, belonging, self-enhancing, and controlling moves through intergroup biases. According to Fiske (1998), researchers find that every form of bias has a category-based response, as in reacting to other people as though he or she is an interchangeable member of a specific social group. When people respond to individuals outside of their inner group they will use category-based responses which are usually negative, a difference from the

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