Concept of Identity Essay

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The concept of Identity and belonging is that everyone is created differently, where personality, appearances and habits are all created within one person. There is no single person that is the exact same as another. Family connections can have enormous impact on our identity. Identity is how other views one’s self and how your perception of others. Identity and belonging are inter- related. The group we choose to belong to and the way we connect with others help from our own identity. When I was Vietnam, my life was great. I have family, friend and my own tradition. I could live the way I am and interact with others. I used to hang out with my friend every day after school and go everywhere; my life was very simple but happy. I was a super-trouble maker and everyone in the village scared of me due to my impulsiveness. I played with a group of friend who I really liked to play with and I can be the most comfortable around them. I use to do what I think and never care about others, I played computer and hang out everyday that made my parents worry but I didn’t really mind about them because its my culture as well as im very stubborn. That is what other children do so I just lived like them. After that, mom decide to move to live in Australia and I wasn’t upset because what I was thinking is that I want to get out of this country as soon as possible because I want to see a new world and live like aussie people. Then we moved to live in Australia after 1 year and live with my uncle here. My life has changed a lot after 3 years in Australia, I have to get use to a life that not noisy as Vietnam. People are staying home after work and it seems that no people on the street. After school, I have to go home and do homework as well as I have to go sleep early for school tomorrow. It seems boring to me and I start missing my country. Now, I cant hang out with my friend

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