Concealed Arms Research Paper

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Picture this: you're an average Loyola student going through a typical day - sitting in class, studying in Cudahy, waiting in line for coffee. Yet you know, all the while, that the person next to you could be carrying a legal, concealed firearm. Do you feel safe? Though this situation is currently impossible due to Illinois' strict ban on concealed firearms, a new bill working its way through the state House of Representatives (HB0245) would reverse the ban, providing citizens with legal means of obtaining concealed firearm permits. Closer to home, a student group at DePaul University called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (just one chapter of a 35,000-member national grassroots organization of the same name) is lobbying for the right to carry concealed weapons on campuses, should the state and City of Chicago loosen their own regulations. This organization (now as close as a few Red Line stops away at a strikingly similar Catholic, Chicago college) doesn't currently have a chapter at Loyola. The Editorial Board acknowledges that some students here may agree with this movement. We, however, do not. We believe that even if Springfield does pass a law legalizing concealed firearms, we as students don't want them on our campus. Since private universities…show more content…
Instead, it opens up a huge potential for gun accidents and doesn't come close to addressing the root causes of violence on campuses and in communities - causes such as poverty, gang activity, drugs and depressed students who fall through the cracks instead of receiving help. We shouldn't ignore the obvious - that if a person wants a gun, especially in Chicago, they can get one, illegally. Why, then, support laws that have the potential to make guns even more prevalent in our communities? We, and we suspect many others, would not feel safe if this law were to pass or if this grassroots organization were to prevail in our
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