Con: Should the Government Raise Minimum Wage Essay

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Jamila Aldrich Sociology 101 Debate: Should the U.S. government raise the minimum wage? Think back to the time when you were a child. When your parents first started teaching you the importance of understanding the true value of a dollar. Perhaps an allowance was given to you every week with the knowledge and understanding that you would earn it upon the completion of the assigned weekly chore. As you got older you eventually started wanting more money to purchase the things you wanted. So an agreement for more money was made in exchange for more chores and responsibility. The same perspective can easily be translated into the purpose for a minimum wage standard. An individual’s wage should be merited for their performance, knowledge, and skill level. If not, the individual worker will expect continued monetary increases for the same level or amount of work produced. By tying in labor, skill, and education increases with financial increases, workers would be more driven to progress in their preferred field. Therefore, when making attempts to increase an even higher minimum wage, we need to stop and realize wages should be based on an individual’s knowledge and skill level and not focus on the general American public’s natural empathy. If you worked to get where you’re at, shouldn’t everyone else? Minimum wage increase supporters believe that a low-income individual should be able to purchase the products in which they help to produce or services they help to provide. Given the high prices of both child-care and health care we cannot guarantee that a minimum wage increase would be enough to afford such costs. Nor can we assume that the money is being spent on these specific services. As Americans many of us are accustomed to instant gratification so naturally when the general American public is forced (thanks to social media) to acknowledge the inequality and

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